Smallest Number in Infinite Set

Heap / Priority Queue
Key Ideas
The key idea to solve this problem is to use a min-heap or priority queue to keep track of the smallest numbers in the infinite set.
Problem Number
Problem Summary
The problem with number 2336 in the LeetCode-75 curated list involves finding the smallest number in an infinite set. The task is to design an efficient algorithm to solve this problem. One key pitfall to watch out for is the potential for the algorithm to get stuck in an infinite loop if not implemented correctly. Additionally, handling the infinite nature of the set and optimizing for performance can be challenging aspects of this problem.
Solution Summary
The best solution to find the smallest number in an infinite set is to use a min-heap or priority queue. The algorithm starts by initializing an empty min-heap. As elements from the infinite set become available, they are inserted into the min-heap. The smallest element can be retrieved by accessing the top of the min-heap. This approach guarantees that the smallest element is always at the top of the heap, allowing for efficient retrieval. By continuously updating the min-heap as new elements are encountered, the algorithm can handle an infinite set without needing to store all the elements in memory.
Hash Table
Heap (Priority Queue)