N-th Tribonacci Number

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Key Ideas
The key idea to solve the given problem in LeetCode-75 curated list is to use dynamic programming and memoization to calculate the N-th Tribonacci number efficiently.
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Problem Summary
Problem Summary: The N-th Tribonacci Number problem asks for finding the value of the N-th Tribonacci number, which is a series where each number is the sum of the three preceding numbers. The task is to compute and return the N-th Tribonacci number. Key Pitfalls: - Be careful with the base cases for small values of N, as they differ from the general formula. - Avoid redundant calculations by using memoization or dynamic programming to store previously computed values. - Take into account potential integer overflow when dealing with large values of N.
Solution Summary
The best solution to solve the N-th Tribonacci Number problem is to use dynamic programming with memoization. We can create an array to store the Tribonacci numbers and initialize it with the base cases. Then, we can iterate through the array, calculating each Tribonacci number by summing the three previous numbers. By memoizing the values, we avoid redundant calculations and improve the efficiency of the solution. Finally, we return the N-th Tribonacci number from the array. This approach has a time complexity of O(N) and a space complexity of O(N).
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