Move Zeroes

Two Pointers
Key Ideas
The key idea to solve the "Move Zeroes" problem is to use two pointers to keep track of the non-zero elements and move them to the beginning of the array while filling the rest with zeroes.
Problem Number
Problem Summary
The "Move Zeroes" problem (Problem Number: 283) is a problem in the LeetCode-75 curated list. The task is to move all the zeroes to the end of the given array while maintaining the relative order of the non-zero elements. A key pitfall to avoid is modifying the array structure, as the goal is to perform the operation in-place. Another pitfall is to ensure efficient implementation to achieve the required time complexity.
Solution Summary
To solve the "Move Zeroes" problem, we can use a two-pointer approach. We initialize two pointers, left and right, both starting from the beginning of the array. The left pointer keeps track of the position where the next non-zero element should be placed, while the right pointer traverses the array. Whenever the right pointer encounters a non-zero element, we swap it with the element at the left pointer and increment both pointers. This process ensures that all non-zero elements are moved to the left side of the array, while the remaining elements are automatically set to zero. By the end, all non-zero elements are in their correct positions, and the zeroes are at the end of the array.
Two Pointers