Maximum Average Subarray I

Sliding Window
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The key idea to solve the Maximum Average Subarray I problem is to use a sliding window approach to find the maximum average of a subarray of a given size.
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Problem Summary
Problem Summary: The Maximum Average Subarray I problem requires finding the maximum average of a subarray of length k within a given array. The goal is to return the maximum average value. Key Pitfalls: 1. Be careful not to confuse the maximum average with the maximum sum. The problem asks for finding the maximum average, not the maximum sum. 2. It's important to consider the sliding window technique to efficiently solve this problem. This technique involves maintaining a window of size k and updating the maximum average as the window slides through the array.
Solution Summary
To solve the Maximum Average Subarray I problem, we can use a sliding window approach. We start by initializing two pointers, one at the beginning and one at the end of the subarray. We calculate the sum of the subarray and store it as the maximum sum. Then, we move the window by incrementing the start pointer and updating the sum accordingly. We continue this process until we reach the end of the array, keeping track of the maximum sum along the way. Finally, we return the maximum sum divided by the length of the subarray to get the maximum average.
Sliding Window