Leaf-Similar Trees

Binary Tree - DFS
Key Ideas
The key idea to solve the problem "Leaf-Similar Trees" is to perform a depth-first search (DFS) traversal on both trees and compare the leaf nodes in the same order.
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Problem Summary
Leaf-Similar Trees is a problem in the Binary Tree - DFS category on LeetCode. The problem involves comparing the leaf values of two binary trees to determine if they are similar. A key pitfall to watch out for is ensuring that the comparison is done correctly, considering the order of the leaf nodes and handling cases where one tree has more leaf nodes than the other.
Solution Summary
The best solution to solve the "Leaf-Similar Trees" problem is as follows: 1. Traverse both trees using depth-first search (DFS) to obtain the leaf sequences. 2. Compare the leaf sequences of the two trees to determine if they are similar. 3. During the DFS traversal, when a leaf node is encountered, add its value to the leaf sequence of the current tree. 4. After obtaining the leaf sequences of both trees, compare them using a simple comparison operation. 5. If the leaf sequences are identical, return true; otherwise, return false.
Depth-First Search