Find the Highest Altitude

Prefix Sum
Key Ideas
The key idea to solve this problem is to iterate through the given array and calculate the prefix sum at each index, keeping track of the maximum altitude encountered.
Problem Number
Problem Summary
The problem with the number 1732 in the LeetCode-75 curated list is called "Find the Highest Altitude". It is categorized under "Prefix Sum" and is considered an Easy level problem. The goal is to find the highest altitude reached in a series of consecutive changes in altitude. One potential pitfall is not initializing the highest altitude variable properly, which could lead to incorrect results. Another pitfall is not considering the possibility of negative altitudes in the input.
Solution Summary
The best solution to solve this problem is to use prefix sum. First, initialize a variable maxAltitude and set it to 0. Then, iterate through the array of altitudes and calculate the prefix sum by adding each altitude to the previous sum. During the iteration, update maxAltitude with the maximum value between maxAltitude and the current prefix sum. Finally, return maxAltitude as the highest altitude reached. This solution has a time complexity of O(n), where n is the number of altitudes in the array.
Prefix Sum