Can Place Flowers

Array / String
Key Ideas
The key idea to solve the problem "Can Place Flowers" is to iterate through the flowerbed array and check if each plot, as well as its neighboring plots, are empty or not.
Problem Number
Problem Summary
The "Can Place Flowers" problem is a LeetCode problem categorized under Array / String. It is an easy-level problem with problem number 605. The task is to determine whether or not it is possible to plant flowers in a given flowerbed while following certain constraints. A key pitfall to watch out for is ensuring that the constraints are properly handled, such as checking adjacent plots before planting a flower.
Solution Summary
To solve the problem "Can Place Flowers" from LeetCode-75 curated list, the best solution involves iterating through the flowerbed array. For each element, check if it is a valid spot to plant a flower by looking at its previous and next elements. If the current element is 0 and both the previous and next elements are also 0 or the current element is at the beginning or end of the array, it is a valid spot. If a valid spot is found, decrement the number of flowers to plant. If the number of flowers to plant becomes 0, return true. If the iteration ends and the number of flowers to plant is still greater than 0, return false. This solution has a time complexity of O(n), where n is the length of the flowerbed array.