Binary Tree Right Side View

Binary Tree - BFS
Key Ideas
The key idea to solve the LeetCode problem number 199 is to perform a Breadth-First Search (BFS) traversal of the binary tree, while keeping track of the rightmost node at each level.
Problem Number
Problem Summary
The problem "Binary Tree Right Side View" (Problem Number: 199) is a medium-level problem in the category of Binary Tree - BFS. The objective is to return the rightmost values of each level in a binary tree. Key pitfalls to watch out for include properly traversing the tree using breadth-first search (BFS) or depth-first search (DFS) and correctly identifying and storing the rightmost values at each level.
Solution Summary
To solve the Binary Tree Right Side View problem, we can use a breadth-first search (BFS) approach. We start by initializing a queue with the root node of the binary tree. While the queue is not empty, we iterate through the nodes at each level of the tree. At each level, we keep track of the last node encountered, which represents the rightmost node at that level. We add the value of this last node to the result list. Then, we enqueue the children of all the nodes in the current level. Finally, we return the result list, which contains the right side view of the binary tree. This solution has a time complexity of O(N), where N is the number of nodes in the tree.
Depth-First Search
Breadth-First Search